2face Idibia Shares Worries about Losing Wife, Annie to Another Man (WATCH)

Afrobeats icon 2face Idibia has recently shared a deeply emotional video on his Instagram platform, providing fans with a glimpse into his feelings and concerns regarding his wife, actress Annie Idibia. In the video, 2face openly discusses the jealousy he experiences when other men capture his wife’s attention.

He clarifies that his jealousy doesn’t stem from vulnerability or insecurity but from his strong desire to protect Annie’s exceptional qualities from the gaze of other men and ensure that she remains with him. 2face expresses a genuine fear of losing her to someone else, emphasizing the profound significance she holds in his life. His heartfelt confession offers an intimate look into the complexities of their relationship.

The voice-over in the video asserts;

“I get jealous when someone else has your attention, it’s not as if I’m bleeding or insecure, I don’t want someone else to realize how amazing you are and for them to steal you away from me

I just really do not want to lose you to someone else, you mean too much to me for that to happen.”

In the video, Annie Idibia was observed sharing affectionate greetings and  embrace with a Caucasian gentleman. This action could have possibly ignited certain emotions and apprehensions within her husband, 2face.

The outpouring of emotions from 2face elicited a variety of responses from fans, who brought up his past controversies that rocked his marriage to Annie.


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