Adebimpe Opens Up About Husband’s Role in ‘Jagun-Jagun’ Movie

Nollywood actress and the wife of Adedimeji Lateef, {Adebimpe Oyebade-Adedimeji}, has openly praised her husband’s role in the recent Nollywood blockbuster, “Jagun-Jagun.”

She took to her Instagram to share the challenges her husband faced during the film’s production, including breaking his leg. Despite this setback, she expressed her immense pride in his unwavering determination.

Adebimpe posted:

This man @adedimejilateef has always given his best to any role he takes on, and although he’s no stranger to challenging roles, this one…

He broke his leg during the first ACTION on the very first day of shooting. I thought it might delay production or limit his performance. I was genuinely concerned, couldn’t even meet his gaze due to his evident pain, even when we were off set. But guess what? He persevered for over 30 days, delivering a remarkable performance…

Every time I read a review of the movie since its premiere on Wednesday, I’m filled with emotions—joy and deep satisfaction—because I know what GBOTIJA endured to create this spectacle. It wasn’t easy! But this man remained steadfast throughout.

To my very own superstar @adedimejilateef ⭐️, my dear husband, YOU ARE MY SUPERHERO 🤩. Today, I raise a toast to celebrate you—YOUR HARD WORK, YOUR DEDICATION, YOUR DETERMINATION, and above all, YOUR TALENT.

Adedimeji portrayed the lead character in the film produced by Femi Adebayo, playing the role of “Gbotija” in this star-studded movie. It’s no surprise that the film has garnered immense success, reaching audiences across over 17 countries worldwide.

This achievement underscores Nollywood’s elevated status on the global cinematic stage, marking a significant milestone in film production.

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