Adetoun Addresses the Mohbad DNA Controversy: Advocating for Justice Instead

In the wake of the tragic passing of Nigerian music sensation, Mohbad, social media has been buzzing with speculations and controversies. Among these discussions is the question of DNA testing for Mohbad’s son, Liam. Activist Adetoun took to her Instagram to address this matter, emphasizing the need to focus on seeking justice for Mohbad’s death rather than fueling unnecessary debates about Liam’s paternity.

The Real Issue: Seeking Justice for Mohbad

Adetoun reminds us that amidst the grief and sorrow following Mohbad’s untimely demise, the priority should be seeking justice for the late artist. Instead of engaging in speculative discussions about Liam’s parentage, she urges the public to allow proper investigations and legal processes to unfold.

In her Instagram message, Adetoun eloquently addresses the need for restraint and focus on justice during this difficult time. As the Mohbad saga unfolds, let’s remember the importance of allowing the legal system to do its job and not letting social media speculations divert our attention from the real issues at hand.

@justadetoun How many of you all requesting for DNA FOR LIAM,WHO ARE U TO BE ASKING FOR A DNA,CAN U WALK INTO A POLICE STATION TO REPORT THAT U NEED A DNA? if investigations start and the court needs a DNA the court will request for it.No government will wake up and say they want to do DNA for Liam.if wunmi goes to sue all these pple talking about DNA they will spend Thier lives saying it will no longer be content.pls let’s not be driven social media arguments.. social media is not court and no perception about the case at hand will help the court in taking any decision


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