African TV CEO Offers N50 Million Reward for Evidence in Mohbad Death Case

In a surprising turn of events, the CEO of African TV has made a bold announcement, offering a whopping N50 million as a reward for credible evidence that can help advance the ongoing investigation into the tragic demise of the artist Mohbad.

In a public statement, this media tycoon has pledged this substantial sum to anyone who can furnish the authorities with concrete proof or vital information leading to the identification and arrest of those responsible for the untimely passing of the singer.

The announcement reflects mounting pressures for Mohbad’s controversial passing to be resolved transparently and justly. Police continue probing the suspicious circumstances.

By incentivizing credible information, the CEO hopes to encourage witnesses or whistleblowers with key knowledge to finally come forward.

The N50 million bounty demonstrates the lengths media leaders are willing to go to support authorities in securing breakthroughs in Mohbad’s mysterious case.

Since his untimely death at 27 last 2-weeks, activists have alleged foul play by Mohbad’s associates in the music industry. The reward aims to substantiate such claims.

While police have not endorsed the unilateral offer, the CEO’s gesture signifies that powerful figures are invested in getting to the bottom of this tragedy.

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