Ayra Starr’s Reward to Artist Who Spent 19 Hours Painting Her Portrait

A Nigerian artist recently faced an unexpected turn of events on Twitter when he dedicated almost 19 hours of his time to create a remarkable hand-drawn portrait of the singer Ayra Starr.

This artist, who goes by the name Dami Foreign, meticulously crafted an incredibly detailed and lifelike depiction of Ayra Starr using nothing but a blue pen. He proudly shared the finished masterpiece on Twitter, even noting that it took precisely 18 hours and 57 seconds to complete this artistic tribute.

At first, it appeared that Dami’s hard work had paid off, and he was likely anticipating a positive response. However, to his bewilderment, he soon discovered that Ayra Starr had blocked him on Twitter, severing all communication.

Naturally, Dami was taken aback and left in a state of confusion by this abrupt action, especially given the considerable time and effort he had invested. In response, he expressed his frustration in a tweet, asking, “Is this the motherf**king thanks I get?”

“Is this the motherf**king thanks I get?”

As of now, Ayra Starr herself has not offered any clarification for her actions, leaving the situation surrounded by mystery. Nonetheless, this dramatic incident has attracted significant attention, with many people empathizing with Dami, whose heartfelt artistic gift was met with unexpected rejection. It’s evident that the artist had intended to pay homage to the emerging star, making the Twitter block feel like an added layer of disappointment.

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