BJ Sam – “Emilokan” (STREAM)

Following his successful collaboration with embassies and world leaders to create the global peace anthem “Show some Love,” which featured over 23 celebrities advocating against war in Ukraine, the talented Nigerian international music composer, BJ Sam, is back with a fresh and captivating sound. This time, he presents “Emilokan,” an electrifying Afrobeat masterpiece that seamlessly blends Kora, saxophone, and bass melodies, leaving listeners entranced by its beauty.

“Emilokan” is more than just a song – it’s an auditory delight that possesses both visual and auditory allure. With its harmonious composition, the music is so enchanting that you’ll find yourself hitting the repeat button, unable to tire of its melodious charm. This track has the power to resonate deeply with every music enthusiast, captivating their souls and drawing them in.

BJ Sam’s inclination for collaborating across musical genres and traditions shines bright in this production. He unites three exceptional talents to create an unforgettable musical experience: Senegalese kora virtuoso Lamine Cissokho, renowned Swedish bass player Magnus Rosen, and Austrian saxophonist Michael Hudecek.

For BJ Sam, aesthetics play a pivotal role in conveying his artistic message. He believes that the visual aspect of his art is just as vital as the music itself. Often donning the hat of a music director, BJ Sam ensures that his vision is perfectly translated into captivating visuals, as seen in this project.

Beyond his musical prowess, BJ Sam wears multiple hats. He is an academic expatriate, a skilled writer, and a music video director, all driven by his unwavering passion for excellence.

Stay tuned for the release of “Emilokan,” a masterpiece that harmoniously merges cultures and melodies, delivering an unforgettable musical journey.




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