“Burna Boy: A Fraud Who Mocks People,” Claims Media Personality, Lerin

Lerin Nicodemus, a Nigerian TV presenter, has voiced her opinion on Grammy-winning singer Damini “Burna Boy” Ogulu, referring to him as “the most uninspiring artiste.”

Her statement comes following his recent controversial remark that Afrobeats lacked “substance.”
Lerin expressed her view that Burna Boy is a ‘biggest fraud’ for capitalizing on Afrobeats for global success and then criticizing the genre once he gains international recognition.

The YouTuber labeled the singer a hypocrite for building his image around Pan-African activism, which he took from Fela, but fails to uphold during social and political crises in Nigeria or Africa.

She accused him of consistently belittling people whenever he can, in contrast to his peers Wizkid and Davido, who support Afrobeats and uplift emerging artists.

“Burna Boy is the biggest fraud and most uninspiring artiste in nigeria, his entire brand is built on Fela’s Pan Africanism but when there is a social activity, he either keeps quiet or mocks the people,” she remarked..

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