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At, we specialize in advancing the online promotion of emerging urban releases. With a strong presence in the digital community, we’ve positioned ourselves to provide musicians, record labels, and managers with continuous exposure to our wealth of experience, skills, and expertise in the realm of digital music marketing. Our marketing initiatives employ strategic approaches meticulously designed to not only amplify visibility and foster brand recognition but also to cultivate a grassroots movement.

So, how can we contribute to your success?

  • Showcase Your Music: Exhibit your tracks on our platform, which currently garners over 100,000 monthly global hits and is continuously expanding.
  • Craft Your Artist Profile: Create your personalized artist profile page on our site to give fans and industry professionals an insight into your musical journey.
  • Multi-Network Song Distribution: Disseminate your music across various social networks, extending your reach and engagement.
  • News and Press Releases: Keep your audience engaged and informed through our effective news and press release services.
  • Get in Touch: Reach out to us at to start a conversation.
  • For Advertising Opportunities: If you’re interested in advertising, please contact us at

If you have concerns about any of our online services or believe that your intellectual property or other rights have been violated through our online services, you have the option to submit detailed information via email to for resolution.

We’re here to serve you in English language.

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