Cute Abiola Initiates Efforts to Reconcile Mohbad’s Estranged Parents After 15 Years

The unexpected passing of Nigerian artist Mohbad has sparked hope for a reunion between his long-estranged parents, who have been apart for an astonishing 15 years.

This development came to light through a recent announcement by Cute Abiola, who shared details of his discreet endeavors to bring the late singer’s parents back together.

As evidence, the skit creator and content developer posted a video of himself alongside Mohbad’s mother, who had recently taken to social media to express her grief over her son’s demise.

Cute Abiola conveyed his thoughts with the following statement:

“If we really want justice, mohbad dad and mum needs to come together to be one on this matter. I met the mum, she said a lot, she has not been together with the dad for like 15 years.

“I have not been posting anything since about this, I am so exhausted!!!! Been reaching out to the family. Both the dad and mum.”

The comedian expressed his dissatisfaction with the viral footage featuring Mohbad’s father criticizing the late singer. He squarely placed blame on the interviewers, suggesting that Mohbad’s father seemed vulnerable and frightened during those instances.

He words:

“This is not the time to talk about the properties of IMOLE. Who are those unreasonable people interviewing the Dad sef ? It’s enough pls!! Na ment? That man is so weak and scared, he is splitting wat he is not supposed to be saying to the public. JUSTICE FOR MOHBAD is important more than anything at this point.”

Cute Abiola also disclosed that the parents of Mohbad would soon convene at an undisclosed location, where they would unite forces to pursue justice collectively.

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