“Give me my flowers” – Dammy Krane Calls Out Mr Eazi For Lack of Appreciation

In a recent tweet, Dammy Krane conveyed a message to Mr. Eazi, stating, “If you don’t give me my flowers, I’ll pluck them.” He further emphasized to his fans that it’s high time they showed him the respect he deserves.

Dammy Krane signed Mr Eazi back in 2012, providing early support that helped launch Eazi’s career as he rose to fame.

But despite their history, Dammy Krane implied Eazi has not shown proper gratitude for the pivotal role he played in boosting the now-global star.

The tense social media exchange provided a glimpse into relationship dynamics between artists and the labels that help cultivate them. Egos and credits often complicate partnerships.

However, Dammy Krane’s public call-out of his former protégé surprised fans considering Eazi’s brand is built around promoting African music as a whole.

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