“I have no child outside wedlock” B-Red confesses

Popular singer, B-Red, found himself in a whirlwind of controversy as alleged leaked chats with his wife, Faith Johnson, came to light. In the leaked chat, Faith confronted B-Red about flying a lady to Atlanta, which led to a heated exchange.

The leaked chat was shared by an Instagram user, @maryam_alh75901, who claimed to be a friend of B-Red‘s wife. In the conversation, Faith expressed her displeasure at B-Red for spending time with another woman in Atlanta. B-Red initially denied any involvement with the lady, but later admitted that he knew her, vehemently denying any infidelity.

Faith did not hold back and unleashed a series of insults on her husband, labeling him embarrassing and a pathological liar. She even accused B-Red of laughing at Davido‘s drama, insinuating that he was no better than the Afrobeats superstar. B-Red responded by questioning whether he had children outside of their marriage, drawing parallels to Davido‘s situation.

This leaked chat has certainly added fuel to the rumor mill and sparked discussions about B-Red‘s relationship with his cousin Davido. It remains to be seen how this controversy will unfold and whether it will have any lasting impact on B-Red‘s career and personal life.

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