“I have the best band in the world’

Award-winning Nigerian musician Adekunle Gold, professionally known as Adekunle Gold, recently expressed confidence in the quality of his live band. In a recent interview with Tataki, the “Something Different” singer proudly claimed to have the best music band in the world. Adekunle Gold highlighted his stage presence at concerts and his desire to offer his fans a unique experience by performing songs beyond what they typically hear on the radio.

He said: “I have the best band in the world; I say that all the time. Every time I’m on stage, it’s a different vibe. As a fan of music as well, I don’t ever want to go and see my favourite musicians play the same songs that I listen to in my car because if I’m paying for tickets, I want to experience something good.

“My songs that you listened to already would sound different when you watched me perform it. It’s so important to have musicians on stage. When I leave the stage, I’m like, ‘Damn! That was crazy.”

“All my songs are very relatable because most of them are my stories. You made these beautiful songs in the studio, not knowing what to expectband then taking it on stage, seeing people’s reactions whether they know the song or not, the energy you get from that is one of the things that I enjoyed the most,” he said.

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