“It was trash” – Sarz, the Producer, Responds Strongly to Wani’s Criticism of His Beats

Clash of Words: Wani and Sarz’s Twitter Exchange

On the lively stage of Twitter, a clash unfolded between Nigerian singer Ayorinde Olawani Ayokun, who goes by the stage name Wani, and the renowned music producer Sarz. The heated exchange revolved around an anticipated collaboration that never saw the light of day.

The spark ignited when Wani Wonder, as he’s affectionately known, expressed his disappointment on Twitter. He shared that he had submitted a song demo to Sarz for production work but hadn’t received any feedback even after three weeks.

In a tweet on Friday, August 4th, the artist hinted that due to Sarz’s lack of response, the song might not see the light of day again. In his words:

“I send Sarz demo it’s been three weeks not a word back, it might the end of the road for that jam,” Wani wrote.

Sarz swiftly countered Wani’s claim. He revealed that he had sent a beat to Wonder on June 6th, 2023, only to receive a song from him on July 14th, which he described as ‘terrible’. Sarz didn’t hold back in poking fun at the ‘Jailer’ crooner, highlighting that it took him a whopping 25 business days to create a song that fell short of expectations.

In Sarz’s words: “I sent you a beat 6/6/23 you send me a song 14/7/23 and it was still trash! I can’t believe it took you 25 business days to come up with that.”

View the exchange below:

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