My beef with Blaqbonez wasn’t a cruise. It was a real quarrel

Popular comedian and musician Carter Efe has announced that he has officially reconciled with renowned rapper Blaqbonez, bringing an end to their heated feud that had been ongoing for the past year.

The feud had revolved around a dispute over the sharing of royalties from their collaborative hit single, ‘Machala.’

The conflict first erupted when Blaqbonez took to social media to publicly accuse Carter Efe of trying to shortchange fellow artist Berri Tiga in the distribution of royalties from the song. Blaqbonez questioned Carter Efe‘s intentions and pointed out the inconsistency between his claim that music is a challenging endeavor and his decision to offer Berri Tiga only a 5% share of the ‘Machala‘ proceeds.

Carter Efe opened up about the dispute and its resolution during an interview with MTV Base.

My beef with Blaqbonez wasn’t a cruise. It was a real quarrel. He find my trouble. I just dey my own for Twitter, him just come dey say, ‘If you think music is easy, why do you want to give Berri Tiga 5% ?’

“I was surprised. I didn’t reply him. My handler was replying him on Twitter and they were trading words. He thought I was the one.

But we have settled now. That’s guys for you. We are not like women; they envy each other ,” he explained.

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