“Ogun Go Kill You” – TG Omori Annoyed as Fan Who Shunned His N1,000 Lambastes Him on Social Media

The incident involving music video director TG Omori and a fan who declined his N1,000 gift continues to make waves, even months after it happened.

A Twitter user claiming to be the person who turned down the N1,000 gift took to the platform to mock Omori for giving him and his friends the sum to share, despite charging millions for video shoots.

Identified as 1k Omori @Billar_ray on Twitter, he expressed lingering anger over the videographer’s action, asserting that the money couldn’t even buy a variant of cannabis known as “Loud.”

His words: “TG Omori dropped money that can’t even buy me Loud. I’m still vexed ? TG Omori boasts about charging artists 50 million for music videos.

But when it comes to giving money, he gave 1k for 3 boys to share. If it were 3 girls, he would have given 1k ?? All of you supporting him are crazy. 1 dollar and 2 cents for 3 men to share. May misfortune befall all of you.”

In response, the filmmaker, known as Boy Director, placed a stern curse on the young man’s father and inquired if he was still holding onto the guy’s money.

“May misfortune befall your father! Did you give me money to keep for you?” he tweeted.

A viral video showed the moment Omori was approached by a group of young men as he was getting into his car. Thinking of encouraging them, he brought out a N1,000 note and offered it to the most outspoken among them. However, the guy refused, exclaiming ‘Is this just 1k, boss?’ In response, Omori withdrew the money, gave the guy an irritated look, and closed his car door.

When the incident was brought up again online, the director explained that it was the guy who had asked him for money.

According to Omori, he usually gives money to the security guards at the neighborhood where his father lives whenever he visits. On that particular day, as he was about to leave, a group of young boys approached him.

TG Omori shared that he had already given money to the security guards, but upon being asked by his driver if he had any money left, he handed out N1,000. However, the guys rejected it, prompting him to keep the money and leave.

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