Rema – Charm (Sped-Up) Version (Download)

Rema DROPPED The Sped-Up Version of His 2023 Smash Hit – “CHARM,” Bringing the Ultimate Summer Party Vibes.

CHARM Sped Up. Recognized as an exceptional talent, Rema has played a pivotal role in propelling Afropop into a genre-fluid, futuristic era that weaves together a vibrant tapestry of musical influences. These influences range from the hyper-energy of trap to the melodic undertones of reggaetón and the immersive sounds of Bollywood compositions.

All these diverse elements converge in the artist’s debut album, where he intricately explores themes of love, addiction, and destiny with sharp clarity. While maintaining the romantic drive that fuels much of Rave & Roses, Rema expresses his belief in predestination and delves into the complexities of societal dynamics.

Give it a listen, groove along, and enjoy the energizing Sped Up Version!


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