Rema, Fireboy are Alte Musicians – BOJ

The Alté movement, which is known for its fusion of various musical genres and its non-traditional approach to music and fashion. He suggested that these artists, along with others in the Gen Z category, are carrying forward the Alté spirit in their music and style.

He said, “Santi has always been there from the get-go. Santi, LOS and us but Santi’s name was Oxy B back then. So, I would say we are the ones who pioneered alté.

“And what is happening now was always bound to happen. We were the cool guys and there were a lot of young kids that gauged us and were like, ‘Okay, we want to emulate these stuff.’ Even if it wasn’t that we are doing exactly what they are doing, we are letting guys know that you could do things differently in whatever field you are in.

“Everybody in the alté makes different types of music. So, the music wasn’t actually called alté. It is everything else around it. I would say that the fashion is one of the things that translated the most into the mainstream in terms of the aesthetic of the mainstream. I feel a lot of the mainstream new cats are actually alté guys. I would say Rema is an alté guy, I would say Fireboy is. If you gauge the way they dress, the swag, the way they move .”

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