Shallipopi Responds to Spryo’s Critique of His Music Style

Shallipopi, a rapidly emerging artist, has responded to Spryo’s public criticism of his music style during a podcast.

A tweet from Shallipopi sparked online reactions as he acknowledged that not everyone is a fan of his work, but he remains unfazed because not everyone’s opinion carries significant weight.

In his counterstatement, Shallipopi issued a cautionary message to his fellow artist, advising him to abstain from involving himself in matters unrelated to him.

The singer, originally hailing from Edo, also stressed the value of humility and encouraged Spryo to set aside his pride.

He stated; “Not everybody likes me, but not everybody matters, just stay in your lane and be silent, but don’t be proud.”

@nfdablunt said: “Me I like you ooo and I no be gaygay.”

@iamn8tan reacted: “Shall nor worry, we Dey the industry for you.. make anybody cap anyhow first.”

@ola mi de_XX commented: “Normally no be everybody matter na.”

@justtemidayo reacted: “Spyro wey no get talent.”

@stardomgys commented: “Everybody no fit like you and no be everybody hate !!! That’s life you can’t please everyone

@danyfundz_ said: “Baba we wey like you plenty no worry.”

@ryder_d _hunt said: “We like u ignore the rest.”

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