Skiibii Criticizes Big Brother Naija Stars for Publicizing Family Disputes

Popular Nigerian singer, Skiibii, has shared his thoughts on the recent trend of Big Brother Naija personalities airing their family problems on social media. In a straightforward post, Skiibii called this practice “clout chasing” and voiced his disapproval.

Specifically, he pointed to the ongoing public feud between BBNaija winner Phyna and her father, as well as the marital issues of ex-housemate Kess, which have been widely discussed online.

Skiibii didn’t hold back, stating that bringing family matters to the internet is a way for celebrities to seek attention. His candid remarks shed light on a concerning trend within the entertainment industry, where personal issues are made public for the sake of gaining fame.

Skiibii’s message serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining privacy, especially when it comes to sensitive family matters, even in today’s social media-driven world.

The “God Is Good” singer contended that family conflicts should be resolved offline no matter one’s public profile. He believes anything stated publicly is fair game for scrutiny.

Skiibii advised fellow entertainers to avoid oversharing personal problems online regardless of provocation. He emphasized solving issues maturely and keeping family bonds intact.

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