Staying Relevant: TG Omori Accuses Blaqbonez of Capitalizing on Their Beef

Prominent music video director, TG Omori, has revealed that fellow rapper Blaqbonez engages in playful banter with him on social media as a strategy to remain relevant in the music industry.

Omori confidently stated that Blaqbonez’s career has significantly flourished since their online rivalry began.

As JazzNaija previously reported, the rivalry between Blaqbonez and TG Omori escalated when the rapper independently directed the music video for his hit track ‘Back In Uni,’ opting not to pay Omori’s steep fee.

During a recent episode of the Zero Conditions podcast, TG Omori expressed his comfort with Blaqbonez’s friendly teasing on social media, as long as it remains within respectful boundaries.

He remarked, “Blaqbonez is simply leveraging our connection to shine. He’s my buddy, so I’ll let him have his moment. ‘Emeka must shine.'”

“Blaqbonez’s biggest video was the TG Omori’s banter; ‘Back In Uni.’ Everybody was trying to watch the video because he added TG. If you can’t afford TG Omori, you use TG Omori’s name.

“It’s understandable. He is my guy; not like we hang out or something. But so long as he has not been disrespectful to me, let the young n*gga shine. His career has gone up since the whole banter thing, I told him to give me 10%. But I would let it slide because we rise by lifting others.”

TG Omori also said he remains the best music video director in the country.

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