“There Would’ve Been Riot” – Bella Shmurda Clears the Air on LASU Incident

Leading Nigerian artist, Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed, popularly known as Bella Shmurda, has come forward to set the record straight about the recent incident at LASU, dispelling rumors of an attack and shedding light on the actual course of events that unfolded at the university.

In recent weeks, a stir was caused when reports surfaced that both Odumodublvck and Bella Shmurda had encountered trouble with cultists during Pocolee’s show, where they were invited to grace the stage with their performances.

However, Bella Shmurda has now addressed the incident during an exclusive interview with Cool 96.9 FM. He categorically stated that no attack had taken place. Instead, he attributed the commotion to the immense crowd and enthusiastic fans who got carried away in their eagerness to express their adoration for him.

During the interview, Bella Shmurda revealed that he was fatigued on that particular day, yet he valiantly managed to maintain order among the exuberant horde of supporters.

The singer further emphasized that had he been subjected to an attack, it would have likely led to a full-fledged uproar within the institution.

To get the full perspective, watch the video as Bella Shmurda shares his side of the story

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