“Timeless album changed my life” – Davido

Nigerian Afrobeat sensation Davido has declared that his latest album, “Timeless,” has brought about a transformative change in his life. Released on March 31, 2023, the album has not only taken the global music scene by storm but has also steered the course of Davido‘s career into exciting new territories.

In response to a tweet by cyber enthusiast @PopBase, asking users to name an album that had a life-altering impact, Davido promptly shared the cover art of his “Timeless” album. This declaration emphasizes the profound effect this musical masterpiece has had on his life.

Since its highly anticipated release, “Timeless” has become a relentless force, redefining industry standards for success. With over one billion streams across various platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Audiomack, YouTube, and Boomplay, the album has truly lived up to its name, transcending temporal constraints.

The album’s streaming numbers speak volumes about its universal appeal, with 191 million streams on Spotify, 274 million on Audiomack, 240 million on Boomplay, 123 million on YouTube, and 190 million on Apple Music. Davido, a master of self-assurance and artistry, has hinted at more hits yet to be revealed on “Timeless” and his anticipation of a deluxe version to further enhance the album’s already formidable essence.

He wrote;

“Too many hits untouched on timeless for a deluxe… This album will fulfill its purpose to the max… ?.”

See below;

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