Whitemoney Expresses Shock Over ‘Rich Housemates’ Poor Hygiene (Video)

Popular housemate Whitemoney has voiced his astonishment and dismay at the lack of hygiene demonstrated by his fellow contestants.

Reality star Whitemoney‘s candid complaints about the prevailing untidiness in the Big Brother house have left fans and viewers equally surprised. In a recently surfaced online video, Whitemoney can be seen discussing the alarming state of cleanliness within the premises with fellow housemate Frodd.

Whitemoney expresses his shock at the considerable mess in the house, primarily caused by his fellow housemates. Despite some contestants’ claims of being clean, Whitemoney questions the authenticity of their hygiene standards. The video has gone viral on social media, sparking discussions among fans and followers.

Frodd offers his perspective, suggesting that people of affluence are not always synonymous with impeccable cleanliness, implying that those who proclaim their hygiene habits might not necessarily live up to those claims.

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